Dick Bitch Onlyfans Black Shemale Cock

I stay in London quite a bit, for work purposes, Tottenham to be precise. One night I was feeling very horny and really fancied some big black shemale cock, a mate of mine told me about a 24/7 porno sex shop where there were glory holes, if you were lucky. So I get to this place in a quiet area, near to an industrial estate, the shop is full of the usual stuff, toys, videos, kinky outfits, blow up dolls and an expensive solid membrane well hung black dick torso. I paid the guy, £15, went into the back and yanked my cock out whilst having a wank to a hot black shemale on Onlyfans, "Dick Bitch" is her name.

It didn't take long before a flap opened in the wall and a big black cock got shoved through to signal did I want to play. Well that 8" big throbbing black dick looked so fucking hot. The hole was big enough for the balls to come through as well so as I was able to suck on that hard knob I could play with …

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It’s Nikki Nicole Britains Hottest Crossdresser

Nikki Nicole is a Stunning Cross Dresser originally from Brighton in the UK, whatever name you want to give it, Tgirl, Drag Queen, Model, Cosplayer, she loves it and she's very good at it.

She likes to play with the much sexier side of cross dressing, pushing the boundaries of femininity. Exactly how far can she push pure sexiness and sensuality into dressing up?

Nikki is passionate about her craft, she explores many different looks and in the process has made it possible for YOU to enjoy her sexy dressing up adventures on Patreon. With regular updates of photos, videos and very high HD You Tube Hangout sessions. Tgirl Plaza recommends joining Nikki Nicoles Patreon if you're an experienced cross dresser, mildly interested or even if you've no idea what it's all about.

Be warned though, she's addictive but HOT and you're sex life might chan…

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The Amazing Ebony TS Bronx

So if you're a guy that likes black dick and black ass, that's cool. But if you're a guy that likes black transsexuals as well then that's not cool....... it's FUCKING HOT because your dick is about to explode when you see the Amazing TS Bronx. This ebony TS dream originates from Texas, where things are BIG and believe me this hot trans is packing something really big. Imagine being naked, black, horny as hell and covered in oil, then that sums up TS Bronx. She's like every filthy fantasy you ever had combined into one and then doubled up again. Check out her Only Fans on the link below if you're in any doubt.


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Mia Isabella

If somebody asked you to name a Transsexual Model the first name that would spring to mind is probably Mia Isabella. With her tanned, toned curves and her long hard cock Mia Isabella is one of the most famous and indeed sexy shemale models ever.

She is a mix of French, Puerto Rican and Jamaican, so she definitely has the right genes for a cracking booty body and lovely thick cock. She was born in Chicago, Illinois but spent her childhood in Tennessee. Among her "many achievements" is a fashion degree from the Paris Fashion Institute. In 2005 at the age of just 19 Mia entered the adult industry and there began a career starring in some the horniest shemale porn movies ever to be produced.

In 2016 it was revealed that Mia Isabella had a fling with black rapper Tyga. He strenuously denied it but Mia shared some screen shots on her Instagram account of some intimate messages, clai…

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What is a Waria in Indonesia

If you're a transsexual fan then you'll know all about the big cock Brazilian escorts in Latin America and the petite, smooth Lady Boys of Thailand. You might also have seen the term "Waria" used and wondered what is a waria ? Let me transport you to the largest Muslim country in the World, Indonesia. Officially it's called the "Republic of Indonesia", it is the largest island country with an amazing total in excess of 17,000 islands. The word Waria combines two Indonesian words, "Wanita" meaning woman and "Pria" meaning man. Yes, Waria is a traditional third gender in modern Indonesia, a community of transgender people with a long history and many traditions. It can be tough being a Waria, they often face discrimination and violence. Some Warias are visible on the streets of cities like Jakarta, Denpasar and Yogyakarta where many warias perform in bars and cabaret. What I've noticed with warias is that their breasts seem very soft and natur…

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TS Rose Marie Beautiful Big Cock Shemale

I used to regularly fuck a transsexual babe named TS Rose Marie, for about 15 months. I loved her dick so much, it was massive, 10 inches long and mine was just 7 inches. Every morning she would wake up with a throbbing hard cock and I would suck it like a lollipop. She would wear tiny panties to sleep and I used to love pulling them down with my teeth and her hard dick would spring up in my face. She was the boss at a shemale strip club so I would meet loads of beautiful hot tgirls that worked there. One day they had a dick sucking competition with me, there were about four of them.

My girlfriend sat back and jerked off while her friends took turns deep throating and sucking my cock one by one. It took about fifteen minutes of ball licking and cock sucking for me to shoot a big load all over their faces. When Rose Marie saw me shoot my load it pushed her over the edge and she also came. I usually ate all of h…

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Sissy Sacramento Cross Dresser Jerks Off

I lived by myself for a while in Sacramento, California so no problem there, so after showering and shaving my balls and asshole, I set up my DVD player to play “Ladyboys in Latex”. I retreated to my bedroom to choose an outfit. I feel naughty and nice tonight, so white, definitely white. I chose a white silky bustier with spaghetti straps and garters, and some brand new thigh high sheer white stockings. After I attached the garters, I pulled the laces on the back as hard as I could and tied them tight. I tucked the laces up so they wouldn’t get messed up in my ass. I looked in the mirror, from the chest down I looked like a hot chick with a hard dick, I always loved dressing in hot lingerie, I thought I was hot. My true homo erotic fantasy is rooted in wanting a hot crossdresser just like me. If I could reach my own cock, I’d never come up for air. Padding into the living room on my nylon covered feet, I relished the cool feeling on my legs, and …

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Cross Dressing Virgin Gets Fucked In New York

This is the true story of my first time with a man while fully cross dressed. I answered an advert for a man looking to meet a cross dresser and exchanged some text messages before agreeing to meet. I took the bus to where we had arranged to meet in New York, it was a flat in a not great area of town. Nervously I rang the buzzer and entered the block, getting the lift to the second floor I went to the door and rang the bell. The door was answered by a man in his late thirties of Latin appearance who showed me into the flat and told me he was married and this was a friends flat he was borrowing for the day and I assured him I would be discreet. He showed me into the bedroom and left me to get ready. I took off my clothes and put on a pale yellow satin bra with black lace trim matching suspender belt and pulled my seamed stockings up my freshly shaved legs, I then pulled on my matching satin panties, I then put on my black chiffon rah-rah skirt and …

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San Antonio Cross Dresser Wears Tight Jeans In Public

I have always cross dressed and dressed up in my house in San Antonio, Texas but recently that has turned boring. I decided to do something more thrilling and exciting. I decided to put on my skin tight jeans and go out in public. I know that if someone saw me I was probably going to get laughed at so I started practicing by wearing the jeans and going outside my house in the garden at night. It really felt good, the tightness on my hips and butt made me feel so feminine. I couldn't believe it, but I wanted to go further. So one day I put on my sexy jeans and drove to the local chemist in my area of San Antonio. There were people inside so I waited until there was the minimum number of customers and when that happened I quickly walked inside. The anxiety, pleasure, and excitement were off the scale. But I knew I had to do it, no turning back. So I went inside and avoided the counter where the assistant was. I walked around, being in public with my…

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Teen Cross Dresser Available In Bloomington

I've always cross dressed, when I was 18 years old I became a Teen Cross dresser. I started by wearing my mum's knickers and bra, tights, knee high boots and a dress or skirt and top. It felt fantastic walking around in high heels, in the back garden of our house in Bloomington, Illinois, knowing that all the neighbours had to do was look over the fence and see me all dressed up! My cock got so hard and I'd wank myself senseless. I carried on all through my teenage years, using girlfriends underwear. At the swimming pool, where I used to work, I'd often have a shower wearing the girls high cut swimming costumes. The feel of the wet lycra around my ass and cock was so horny. I ended up as a delivery driver in Bloomington, for a catalogue company. I bought myself a pair of knee high boots, some lace knickers and a short black denim skirt. I used to dress up in the van and find somewhere quiet. I also used to dress up in the returned clothes. Beautif…

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Orlando Cross Dresser Caught By Wife

I have always been a cross dresser since I moved to Orlando in Florida and enjoyed it. One day I was home from a business trip early and found my wife was doing the laundry. There on the top of the laundry pile were her pale blue knickers. She left the room and I picked them up and I was running my hand across them and soon I was feeling and rubbing my cock which quickly became erect. All too soon I was shooting the results of my rubbing into my pants, a nice warm sticky mess of cum, so I tossed her knickers back on top of the laundry and went to change. It was four weeks later that I needed to go out of Tampa for the night to visit a customer. As I was packing I took a pair of my wifes knickers out of her drawer and took them with me. While on my trip I wore them the entire time and spent very enjoyable evenings feeling myself and cumming in them. I was soon dressing up and finding new spots to go to and have fun at, bars where I was having drink…

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